JabRef opens off-screen when using multiple monitors

Every time I have an external monitor plugged in, JabRef opens outside of the display area of my desktop. None of the tricks for retrieving off-screen windows work when it does this (e.g. win+arrow keys).

I have to disable all but one display, open JabRef, and then re-enable my additional monitors in order to avoid this issue.

I’ve seen some mention of similar problems with older versions of JabRef, but nothing in the last year or two. Is there a workaround or some setting I can try?

Issue happens in JabRef 5.5 with both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Displays are one 1920x1200 laptop display plus one/two 1920x1080 external monitors.


thanks for the report. JabRef has some checks for this, but maybe there is a flaw in the check.
You can start JabRef with the --debug command line argument. That will print the position values.

The relevant code which performs the check is here: