LaTeX warning because of an item with capitals


I made a bibliography that has the following item:
author = {Orest Lastow and Wamadeva Balachandran},
journal = {Journal of Electrostatics},
title = {Numerical simulation of electrohydrodynamic ({EHD}) atomization},
year = {2006},
number = {12},
pages = {850–859},
volume = {64},
doi = {10.1016/j.elstat.2006.02.006},
and after using commands pdflatex and bibtex in terminal in Linux, I see the warning:
Underfull \hbox (badness 1360) in paragraph at lines 57–61
[]\T1/cmr/m/n/10 Orest Las-tow and Wa-madeva Bal-achan-dran. Nu-mer-i-cal sim-

The warning or error disappears if I remove either the braces { } around “EHD” or the brackets ( ) around “{EHD}” in the title, but I need to write capital letters inside brackets: (EHD). I tried putting braces { } in different places, but if “EHD” is inside them (even if they are around the whole title), I see the warning.

I put the bibliography in a LaTeX document that uses the Article class, while the style of the bibliography is “plain”.

Is there a solution for this problem?

Best regards,
Stefan Bošković

I tried fixing this problem, and one bad solution was to write in the title:
…of electrohydrodynamic (\hspace{0.8mm}{EHD}\hspace{0.8mm})…
in which case it moves “of” to the row above and I don’t see the warning.

Other bad solution was to write:
…simulation o\hspace{0mm}f electrohydrodynamic…
in which case in separates “o” (and moves it to the row above) and “f” (leaves it in the same row), but without a dash “-”.

Do you know a good solution for this?

Another bad solution was to write two spaces (instead of one) between words:
Numerical\ \ simulation\ \ of\ \ electrohydrodynamic\ \ ({EHD})\ \ atomization

Another bad solution, but maybe the best out of these was to write:
…simulation {\allowbreak}of electrohydrodynamic…
in which case one space is in the upper row after “simulation” (so the text is not nicely justified) and the “of” stays in the lower row.

I am sorry if I am misunderstanding something, but why do you want to get rid of the warning?

That type of warning seems quite common for the bibliography, even more so when using URLs, e.g.,

I thought that we must remove every warning before sending files (more precisely articles).

I don’t know the context. If you are submitting to a particular journal/conference there might be guidance from the organizers, or perhaps if someone else here have experience with the same organization (I don’t have experience with any).

Other than that, a more LaTeX specialized forum/community might be able to advise you as well.

If there is a “right” way of addressing those warnings I am not aware of it :confused: