Add {} around capital letters automatically?


Day one of using JabRef. I think it’s great! I’m wondering if it’s possible to fix some of the integrity issues automatically. Notably, my library (imported from an old BibTex) is filled with “capitals are nor marked using curly brackets” when checking integrity. Since JabRef can identify the problem, I wonder maybe it can fix it? Currently I’m trying to fix everything manually…


Welcome Fan!
What you want to do should be possible by using the menu Quality --> Cleanup entries... (by check Run field formatter, with the suitable items).
However, I am afraid that, at the moment, there is no item to automatically enclose capitals in curly brackets…

Well the “Protected Terms” field formatter adds braces around a number of predefined terms, including country names, months, and a list of electrical engineering terms. However, this perhaps does not cover everything you want to have fixed.

However, there has been some work in improving the Protected Terms formatter to easily add new protected terms via right click on the menu:

@joerg.lenhard Do you know if it was merged into 3.6?

Looks merged to me :slight_smile: And it should be in 3.6 if I am not misreading the timestamps. I have not tried the feature myself, though.