Library sorting and crossref

I want to use JabRef on a large BibTeX file as the library (literatur.bib), which has evolved over many years.
If I edit the library with JabRef and save, all entries with a crossref field get sorted to the beginning of the library.
I have seen topic ``Sort order for Sorting?’’ and also read the discussion and explanation on GitHub.
From this, I understand that this is the desired behaviour because the crossreferencing entries must appear before any crossreferenced entries for BibTeX to work correctly, and possibly in most cases this might be the correct way to handle the entries.
In my case, this behaviour, however, is at odds with other programs using the library and expecting that the entries are strictly sorted in alphabetical order according to the key field. BibTeX still works fine because all crossreferences point to entries in a separate file that is listed in the LaTeX file’s bibliography command after the large library.
For my use case, it would be preferable to be able to switch off even the usually desirable sorting.
Thus, I wonder if there is a way to complete switch off sorting by JabRef?
Thanks for any suggestions.