Link Chapter entry to Book entry

Is there a way to link an InBook entry to a Book entry in the same library, so that I don’t have to fill out the Booktitle section for every chapter of a given book (and add the editor name, and year and etc.) Instead I wanted to just fill in the Chapter’s author name and the Chapter title, and then select the book in which it is, so it fills out the rest automatically by using the entry of the Book.


You are looking for the crossref field.
The solution to your issue is here:

And for the record:

  author = {A. Inbook-Author},
  title = {The title of the inbook entry},
  pages = {1--5},
  chapter = {1},
  crossref = "book",
  title = {A title of the book entry},
  booktitle = {A title of the book entry},
  year = 2013,
  editor = {E. Book-Editor},
  publisher = {Book Publishing Inc.},
  address   = "Anytown",

In practical terms:

  • You would create a new entry
  • change the entry type to ‘inbook’
  • under the ‘General Fields’ tab of the entry editor, you add the key of the book (assuming the book already exists in your library)