Link one entrie to one other?

Is there a way to link entries to others?

e.g. A WWW-entrie about project/instutiute/person. I want to (bi-directional!!!) link it to all related papers in my database. Or sometimes there are papers refering to another one that is in my database I want to set a link.

I can do this with Zotero and Citavi. Haven’t tested others.


yes this is possibe. It uses the CrossRef idea/mechanism:


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Sounds like this will work. But kind of unergonomic. :slight_smile:
I will work with it and add FeatureReqeust about improving the usability when I have more ideas about it.

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Is my observation correct?

  • There is no automatic bidirectional linking with crossref possible? I have to do this by myself?
  • The “Jump to enry” button does nothing (in JabRef 3.8.1.)?
  • I always have to input the biblatex-key bymyself. There seams no way to fill the crossref field with a click to the referenced entry?

When linking bidrectional using crossref a run with biberthrows an error about Circular inheritance. In case of biber it would make sense. But in case of JabRef not. There is a need for bidirectional linking between entries.