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Dear all,

I am used to write notes about articles I read on One Note.
I believe it could be very nice to have a field in the entries where a One Note page can be linked and then opened with a single click as it can be done with the pdf file, the DOI link, etc.

Many thanks in advance.

To whoever might be interested, I´ve found a workaround.

You can copy the page link (it looks sth like this: onenote:https// on the URL field of the entry.
This way, One Note page can be opened with a single click on the URL icon of the entry.
Sadly, URL field can contain only one link so you can´t use this workaround if the field´s already filled.

Best regards.

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The file field can hold multiple links :slight_smile:

I know that and I had already tried but File field does not accept that kind of link format.
To make it work, I would have to drop the initial “onenote:” string.
That way, though, One Note is opened in the browser and not in the desktop app which is something that, personally, I don´t want

Thanks anyway for the feedback

@Ibuo, based on what you say, implementing “rudimentary” support for Onenote would not be that hard, I guess. All we need is to create a separate field for Onenote (and somehow make it accessible in the user interface) or alternatively, to adapt existing file field or url field. Could you please create an issue at github?