Making Code Reviews in JabRef

After taking some time to learn the workflow, tools and projects in our community, I would like to jump into coding contribution by first making code reviews to help me get to learn more about the JabRef projects after then embark at working on issues available.
Can some one give me some pointers for code reviews or a link which can help me get over there! Thanks!
@tobiasdiez, @Siedlerchr, @LinusDietz

I would strongly recommend to directly start coding yourself and ask for help along the way. It’s totaly fine to not know things and to make mistakes at the beginning.

On the other hand, code reviews usually require a deeper understanding of the code since you only see a small part (the changes) and need to remember the rest to deduce what consequences a certain change has on other parts of the program. Nonetheless, if you really prefer this way to start contributing, then the following PRs are up for review:

Your thought @tobiasdiez is the best and as for me I would prefer to begin with introductory (small) issues at the start. Is there a link to such issues for beginners so that i start working on them.

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Hey @tobiasdiez, thanks for the link though having one concern at the start! Am able to see several issues but not sure which one are ready for work, I can see some are tagged ready-for-review, dependence-on-external and others while others have no tags. Could this suggest that some of them are still under assessment or they are all ready for work. Am sorry to disturb you dev, I know this may be inconveniencing you

May I ask whether it was possible for you to visit I allow myself to quote literally from there:

I am a programmer

I want to learn about code quality

Please head to codecov to see current code coverage and where to improve our tests. You can head to codacy to learn about one analysis of JabRef’s code quality.

I want to start with something easy

We collect small issues at and at You can read up there to find something easy to start with. Then, check our for detailed information and further links.

Have embarked on reading it again after your quotation and has answered my query

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