Setting up dev environment for JabRef

:eye: I read through the community guidelines and really felt great to contribute to this collaborative community. However,I didn’t find information on how to set up dev environment for JabRef. Any resource to help me go over the blocker!
cc:@koppor, @Siedlerchr, @tobiasdiez

Wonderful good day and welcome to JabRef!

Did you find the source repository of JabRef? It is When you scroll down there, you’ll see “Contributing”. When you scroll down there, you’ll read following:

If you want a step-by-step walk-through on how to set-up your workspace, please check this guideline.

Does the link work on your side?

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Have gone through the resources and were of great help. Have already got a local copy of the source code as directed by the wiki.

I noticed some exception on step-by-step installation guide, I
think we need to update that wiki page because at Java Installation
kit says should be 13 version and in the IDE configurations for
Intellij says "Choose Java 12 and for eclipse says “Choose Java 11”
Actually I can volunteer in updating this wiki page if given a hint
on how to accomplish the task.
Thanks @koppor

Thank you for offering the help. I will move the wiki to the git repo, then the normal pull request procedure will work.

Having your IDE ready now will surely provide a good start.

Do you have experience with JabRef? - We could also need help in updating the user documentation at

Am absolutely available to volunteer and when the wiki is ready on the repo, I will volunteer to update it and make pull request!.
Experience with JabRef: Have taken time to read :eye: through the current and the past JabRef Talk posts and am getting familiar with the community and its work-flow. Just want to know whether we have a demo around that I can reach out!
cc: @koppor @tobiasdiez

If I can be notified after moving the wiki to the repo will be great so that I volunteer :writing_hand: updating it .
cc: @koppor

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I will.

Meanwhile: Did you find a task to work on (good-first-issue label) or should we search for something together? Something more UI related or something more backend-related?

We could need help at Would that be something for you or is that too complicated?

Not yet as per now but am taking some time to read through my local copy of the source code I forked from here at the master branch to really understand the algorithms behind the seen. Hopefully very soon am going to embark on tasks that are claimable and begin working on them! @koppor

I would assume that the whole source code is too much. We have so many features there with many algorithms. For example, the duplicate detection is very different from the algorithms used at fetching.

Maybe, it would be a good idea to understand how the ACM Fetcher works - and the whole fetcher infrastructure. With that knowledge, you can update the ACM Fetcher.

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Just take an issue, for example the fetcher, check the relevant classes and understand them. The fetcher are a good starting point as you can easily test them
Nobody of us knows the complete codebase or how every feature really works.

In general, I suggest going through the high level architecture to get an idea how the code is structured

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