Making Web Based Interface Need Help

We are working on making a webbased interface for JabRef.
Aim of the project is to build a centralized server for whole institute that server will centrally run jabref and a user account based system that will manage everyone’s accounts and data collectivly
We are wondering if that is even possible on first hand…
what we are planing that we will get inputs as textfrield such as author title and etc and parse it to jabref through command line interface of jabref and proccess it to bib file and manage those files
now our question is
is sending inputs in that way even possible…from what i saw… command line interface can only take import statement… that is directly importing premade bib files… but as GUI of jabref allows you to just input details and it creates bib file own its own… is it possible to do so through command line too/

is anyone else working on same project
Abhishek Goel

I see two points in your text:

1. Shared database

JabRef supports collaborative work out of the box. Even with live updates. See

Would using a PostgreSQL database solve your collaborative issues? If each user uses JabRef locally and connects to that database, they can share their entries. By using the autosave feature, each of the users can have the database exported as bib file at each change in the database.

2. Web-based solution

We discussed our ideas at Please read on at the wiki there ( and feel free to reply here.

In case you still want to implement a response UI, we have thought of using to transplie Java to JavaScript to make use of the model part of JabRef. See for details of JabRef’s architecture.

Thank you for detailed response
1)Yes what we are aiming is very similar to JabCloud. how can i join into its planning and development? also what is suspected date of its launch/development?

2)About shared database… what i was looking for is a way to give command line call like
java -jar jabref.jar -author “abhi” -year “2017” … and so on i mean pass all the columns through command line or through a file in such a way…and that jabref makes a bibtex of it.
basically i want to give those author and other fields as input fields on my web page so not only a user can fetch from web based interface but also add/create more entries and store them all on a centeralized server(where jabref and website both will be hosted - so they can interact with each other)

though if thats not possible i will look into utilizing shared database but that is my first preference as such…

Abhishek Goel

You can just contribute in the project. We currently have nearly no resources for development. We can support development though. The most important thing is a clean architecture. I would propose Angular2 for UI and JAX-RS for backend development. In other words: plus Angular2.

If it is OK, I will invite you to our slack channel. Maybe other volunteers join there, too. Then, we can have a chat there.

Currently, JabRef has imports for various formats and no direct command line for it. Why not using JabRef as library where you can directly create a bibentry using plain Java methods?

I would “just” include JabRef in a JAX-RS environment and expect the UI to post bibtex as JSON.