Medline/Pubmed search does not work

I work with
JabRef 5.7–2022-08-05–73c111c
Windows 10 10.0 amd64
Java 18.0.2
JavaFX 18.0.1+2

I try to input new articles to my database via the websearch medline/pubmed but no matter what I search for the program stays in the processing mode. I never had a problem to search for articles before that.


I cannot reproduce this in the latest development version. It seems like a temporary issue. (The issue with processing has also been fixed)
You can always try the latest dev version (5.8.)

Please remember to make a backup of your library before trying out the new version.


Same problem with the version 5.9.
Any idea how to solve this issue ?

@mtaglia Hi, I cannot reproduce this issue. Works fine for me.
Seems like it was a temporary thing?

Please also note taht for adding a new entry based on PMID you have to use New Entry (the second plus in the toolbar) → ID type Pubmed/Meldine