Missing field from citation preview

I have the IEEE citation style set to the citation preview. The urldate should show “Accessed date” in the preview when it is filled, but it does not. I’ve tried this on a custom entry type for websites with the following fields: 1) Title (Webpage title), 2) Publisher (Website title), 3) URL, and 4) Author. Similar fields do nothing either. Any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Could you show us a test entry? The data within the {} biblatex source tab would show, if there was a syntax error.

Sure thing!

  author    = {Annabella},
  publisher = {Forum - JabRef},
  title     = {Missing field from citation preview},
  url       = {https://discourse.jabref.org/t/missing-field-from-citation-preview/3115},
  urldate   = {2022-01-04},

To be honest, i have seen this before and i can reproduce.

By now, i think the most likely cause is that there might be some code missing within the IEEE style provided by CSL or it is something that got lost during the conversion from CSL to Javafx via citeproc.

I will make an issue at CSL and/or citeproc

If you work with LaTeX, it will not have any impact on your work. Check out how to do it here:

Thanks for analyzing this. Could you also provide a link to the issue when you make it? I would like to follow the progress.

I don’t work with LaTeX, for now. I work with a folder of Markdown files and provide in-text citations with the citekeys in place of the numbers. So, for example, you get something like this “The Principle of Atomicity states that every Zettel should be about a single idea[sascha2021ittzm]” . I don’t have a reason to provide full references as I’m not in school or the like. If I do have a reason, I rely on the citation preview, but I seldom have to do this.

Either way, I’m glad to know that if I worked with LaTeX, I won’t have much trouble. So thank you for that.

You are welcome :slight_smile:

Oh dear, I forgot GitHub existed… Anyways, thanks for the link. I’ll mark this as solved and let the issue at GitHub keep track of this.

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