Missing field in Medline Import via Jabfox

Occasionally, the information which jabref retrieves when using the jabfox plugin in firefox is incomplete. This concerns primarily the doi/html field since with the help of that information I might retrieve fulltext versions of the papers. Yesterdays search into

“Receptors, Thyroid Hormone”[Majr] and review

I got 297 entries where I selected about 40 which I then imported into Jabref via Jabfox. I noticed missing doi for a couple of them:
PMID: 12361719, 23021374, 10961925, 23271024 and others.
Is this an issue with Medline or Zotero/jabfox or Jabref?
I hope that you can confirm the issue. I could raise a bug report when necessary.


Can you please try to import these items directly in zotero and make sure that the doi is present there? I doubt that it is a problem with JabFox/JabRef.

It seems to be a problem of Zotero. You were correct.