Modifying Multiple Groups at Once

Is it possible to modify the colors/icons for multiple groups at the same time?

The best way I could find to do this was by modifying my .bib database directly. Naturally, if you try this, you should back up your database before proceeding. The bottom of the .bib file contains a section that stores metadata on settings you’ve selected for the library. One such section will appear something like this:

@comment{jabref-meta: grouping:
0 AllEntriesGroup:;
1 StaticGroup:Projects\;0\;1\;0x00ffffff\;HAMMER_WRENCH\;\;;
2 StaticGroup:Dissertation\;0\;0\;0x00ffffff\;\;\;;

The bolded characters above are the hexadecimal color codes for each group. If there’s a color you want to change for multiple entries, just do a find-and-replace, save the .bib file, and reload the library in JabRef.

I’ll mark this as a solution for now, but if anyone has a better/safer way to achieve the same end, I’d still be interested.

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