Nested subdirectories when automatically naming/moving files

I’m trying to manage my pdf collection, and I’d like to sort them into subfolders as follows:
For example,
./2016/A/Adams2016 - Title.pdf

I have found the option to automatically rename and move files with Clean up entries and the appropriate “Import” settings, but I can’t seem to get JabRef to create multiple, nested subfolders. The path separators (/, /, \) all get replaced with an underscore (so ./2016/A/Adams2016 - Title.pdf becomes ./2016_A/Adams2016 - Title.pdf).

My current settings:
Filename format pattern: \bibtexkey\begin{title} - \format[RemoveBrackets]{\title}\end{title}
File directory pattern: \year/\format[Authors(1,LastName, EtAl=),Replace((.).*,$1]{\author}

Is there a way to enable this? Or a work around?

@Siedlerchr I think you implemented this feature. Can you assist @taylor-scott?

Hello Taylor Scott,

there is currently no way to support nested subfolders. And I currently see no way to implement this, as the filename/filedirectory pattern uses the same layout engine which is used in other places, therefore the Slashes are all replaced.

And idea for a manual workaround could be a 2 step cleanup.
You first speciy the year pattern. Run cleanup.
In the next step you should set the main file directory or the database specify directory to 2016. Specify your new pattern. -> Select all entries with 2016 date -> Cleanup
This would result in cleanup all entries with 2016 in the right folder

Follow this step for each different year.

But I will continue to investigate this and see if there is a possible way to achieve this.