Sort linked files into specific folders via Citation key patterns

Hi there,

if i understood right jabref can sort linked files (pdfs, etc) the way i want by citation key patterns. - e.g. sorting by keywords.

But reading the documentation i dont really get how to do so.
I get that attached/linked files can be renamed in a certain way - but not how to sort them into a specific folder.

Eg. I got 6 papers/library entries with pdfs attached.
I add Keywords Project1, Project2, Project3 to the entries - 2 papers/files to each projects.
Can jabref sort those into folders named Project1, Project2, Project3 for me?
Or did i misunderstand the patterns?


yes this is possible:
the documentation is not that clear, you can both a) name your files after this pattern and b) create file directories based on another pattern (File directory pattern)

You can use the keyword or any other field here as well: