New LaTeX Bibliography Style (bst) with support for "file" field

I recently released a new LaTeX Bibliography Style (bst) file on Github (link:, which I thought could be useful to the JabRef community. Notably it provides support for the JabRef “file” field within a LaTeX bibliography. I’ve provided some more details below.

While a student, I found it useful to keep an informal LaTeX-generated PDF document which cited
and described frequently-used papers. I wanted to keep the PDF’s for those papers on my system and be able to hyperlink to them directly from my document (basically the same functionality JabRef provides via the “file” field, except from within a LaTeX document). So, I created a “bst” script (based on IEEEtran.bst) which parses the “file” field in a BibTeX entry and includes a hyperlink to the file(s). Then, I can open my bibliography document in a PDF reader (works for example with Adobe Acrobat and Chrome), browse for the paper I need, and then click on the file link and the paper comes right up. I also included some other minor features, e.g., to print out additional useful fields in the entry. For lack of a better name, I called the tool IEEEtranplus.bst. It does make for verbose entries and long reference sections, so definitely not intended for publication purposes. Nonetheless, I find it convenient for my purposes of maintaining a private collection of references.

Just thought I would share with the community. When writing the field parser, I referenced the JabRef source code (i.e., the FileFieldParser and FileFieldWrite Java classes), so it should be fully compatible with JabRef’s “file” field format.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, I’d be happy to clarify. Thank you for your work on JabRef - it is a great tool!

Andre Beckus

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thanks for the work! That sounds great! There is also currently a PR in the pipeline to allow to add/select BST styles for previews in JabRef as well.

cc @koppor The style might be of interest for you

Thanks for the info. That will be a nice feature.

Just an update to my original post: I realized that the file links do not work in the Chrome browser.

@abeckus The BST support is now integrated in the latest JabRef dev version