Style files from the Australian Mathematical Society


I have a zip archive of style files from the Australian Mathematical Society with the following file extensions:

  • .tex
  • .bib
  • .bst
  • .bbl
  • .cls

and I cannot find in the drop-down menus of JabRef 5.0 any way to import these files. I can see ways of importing references, but these aren’t references, they’re style files. Is it a matter of JabRef not using such style files, or is it a matter of me simply not being to find out how to use them?

Thanks for your time

The .bib file is a bibliographic file, i.e. a file containing references (a single reference in the provided .bib file). This is the kind of file JabRef helps you manage.
The style files (.cls and .bst) are for the use of LaTeX and BibTex programs, not for JabRef.
Once you have a bib file containing your relevant references (JabRef will help you in this), you can compile the .tex file. During compilation, the .bib, .bst and .cls file will be called.

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