No effect when changing fields for entry types (Preferences)

Preferences - Entry types - Required and optional fields: There is no effect when I change the tick boxes “required” or “multiline”. For changing “required” a restart of Jabref helps, but this should not be necessary. For “multiline” there is no effect at all if ticked or not!

Preferences - Entry editor - Custom editor tabs: Changing fields also needs a restart!!!

Preferences - Export - … Changing Radiobutton also only takes effect when Jabref is restarted!

JabRef 5.13–2024-04-01–6bdcf63
Windows 11 10.0 amd64
Java 21.0.2
JavaFX 22+30

Thank you for your observations. JabRef has a very old codebase and slowly but steadily such legacy behavoiurs will be replaced with better ones, so that no restart is necessary. Have you already looked at github, if there is a corresponding issue?