Open library from NAS - windows vs linux

Hi there,

maybe a dumb question: but i just started using jabref as main library manager for about 2 weeks now. Mainly at work on a windows (10) pc with the bib file stored on a local NAS drive.
On windows i can easily open the bib file. Now i wanted to try on linux (current ubuntu) - but i can’t select the nas drive. Via file manager i can access the drive (using samba)- but can’t navigate to the bib file - and therefore can’t open the bib file. Didnt get it to work with my attempts to solve this issue. So any hint would be great.
Is there a difference in the way jabref accesess network drives on win and linux? Or what am i missing?


are you using the snap version of JabRef under Ubuntu? Then it might be a security thing, because the snaps are sandboxed. @LyzardKing can probably say more
You could try to open the bib file with drag and drop on the tab bar.

hey @kaktux
If you have the snap installed you have to give it permission to read/write removable drives (it should work for network drives as well) by running:
snap connect jabref:removable-media

i installed it via -> downloads. To be honest i saw linux and clicked (i trust you guys :wink: ). As i use kde and discover - wich supports snaps and flatpack i actually didnt notice if its snap or not.
I just checked and only found a .deb there .

I couldnt find snap via the jabref page - but guess its the one package available in the snap store :wink:
I remember having the same problem when i used a snap of zotero (which i used until recently)-

I’ll try the drag & drop anyways when i am at the linux pc again.