<< JabRef permission denied in Ubuntu linux >>


I am using JabRef (v5.0-dev, from repos) in Ubuntu 19.04.

My working files are in a USB stick and I am using TeXstudio with my TeX files.

The problem is that when I try to open my bib files (in the USB) I am getting the message “Permission denied”.

I would like to know how can I fix this issue.
(Note: I compile my TeX files in the SUB without any complains, so, I have read/write permission over the files in the USB memory).



I was receiving this permission denied error message when using jabref and trying to access a shared folder from the host machine using Ubuntu on virtualbox. I opened the software manager and went to the jabref entry under installed software and clicked on “permissions” button next to where you see Launch and Remove and changed the permissions for “read/write files on removable storage devices” at the bottom. That worked for me. There might be a command for this on the command line but I’m not sure what it is.

@icamps if you have the snap installed you have to either follow the instructions in the previous comment, or run snap connect jabref:removable-media