"Open PDF" preference being ignored

Hi. My setting for “Open PDF” is being ignored. In the “External Programs” pane of the preferences, the entry under “Open PDF” has a radio button followed by the text “Adobe Acrobat Reader”. The text field after that has the program I’d like to have open PDFs from JabRef, “/Applications/Highlights.app”. However, no matter what I’ve set that field to (manually or via its “Browse” button), JabRef opens PDFs with Preview.

“Show preferences” seems to show that my preference is set as expected.

STRING usePDFReader /Applications/Highlights.app

Am I doing something wrong or have I discovered a bug?

Many, many thanks.

JabRef 4.2
Mac OS X 10.13.4 x86_64
Java 1.8.0_172

p.s. Loving JabRef so far.


I am not a mac expert, but it could be that the system default pdf viewer is used. Maybe @halirutan has an idea or can reproduce this.

Do you get any errors in the log? Help-> View Event Log

Thanks for the quick answer. Your intuition was correct. Preview was the default app for opening PDFs. When I switched the default to Acrobat, JR opened PDFs in Acrobat. No errors in the log.

So, it appears that setting has no effect on Macs.

I appreciate the clarification.