Persistent Log to Debug Crashes (version > 5.0)

I have been a happy user of JabRef for sometime now, and let me first thank the developers for maintaining and improving this such a nice tool.

The only trouble I have with JabRef is that at times, I have a crash and the program shuts down. This can happen at seemingly random times (like fetching from dois, changing file attachments, searching, etc), and these same things seem to work just fine after restarting JabRef. I understand that such a report will not be very useful to debug what is going on, and may even be related to my bib file. So I would like to know where I can find a log file that I can refer to after such a crash. Presently I have access to logs under “Help → View Event Log”, but this gets reset after I restart JabRef. Is there some way I can automatically save logs to debug this a bit further? For reference, I am currently using JabRef 5.5 (portable linux install) on Ubuntu 20.04 with a bib file with ~3.8k entries.

I don’t know if Jabref actually is keeping a persistent log-file as I have seen all developers mostly work with errors that trigger while Jabref is running.

What you could do, if you can reliably reproduce the crash, is to use debugging mode:

You can start it from command-line via --debug. Here the basics about how to operate Jabref from commandline.

You could start JabRef from the terminal and pipe the output to a file.
e.g jabref > log.txt 2>&1 &
You can also modify the start script