Possible shortcut to add pdf?

I do not see in my jabref configuration a page to edit shortcuts. I do not remember whether there was any before. I would like to have a shortcut for “add pdf to file”. That would be great. Working routinely with jabref I am sure there is a faster way than to click 1) Edit-> that 2) General-> and then 3) +.

The automatic adding files drives the pdf to an folder which is very cryptic e.g. \storage\88AWDZ4D and cannot be manipulated; therefore I have organized the pdf in folders which some meaning e.g volltext/metabolismus etc.

What do you think? I have not seen that ctrl-alt-F is used. It should lead to the Main file directory.

Again Drag-and-drop would be possible :wink:

Just select a PDF in the file explorer and drag it on the entry you want to add it. Alternatively: Right-Click on the selected entry -> “Attach File” (unfortunately no short-cut for this…).

Both options should use the library or default file directory for storing the files - and not a cryptic \storage\... directory.

I tested it but still to many clicks to make when I dragged the pdf to the entry. You should be thinking about the ctrl alt f shortcut.

The right click is a much faster way. Recommended.

You could also auto-import the pdf files, if they are named like the bibtex entry or named that an regex can find them:


Very interesting: That will turn out to be complicated, I usually name the pdf with


shortform of journal is not yet ( but I could adapt to ) the shorttitle without spaces, first author is minuscule and the title as copied from the website or jabref. Since I am not very good with reg expressions, I use them only sparely for general replacement in oo, could you provide a regex that I can test it.
In the title ? mark are omitted, : are replaced with __, and / are replaced with =, ?/: not allowed in file names.