Drag&Drop pdf to create biblatex code

What I want in JabRef:
I will drag&drop my file.
It will autogenerate file location and link the file.
It finds out the title of the paper
It finds out the bibtex code from scholar.google
It will rename the actual file with: \bibtexkey\begin{title} - \format[RemoveBrackets]{\title}\end{title} (bibtexkey - title)

I saw this feature in docear.

What happens there:
I drop a file from my directory.
It finds out the title
It finds out the bibtex code from scholar.google

  • but no auto renaming.
  • cluttered interface

Please vote if you support this proposal:

  • I would like to have this feature, too!
  • I don’t care.

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One tricky thing is that new ArXiv papers don’t have any record on Google Scholar. So, if it can search for multiple sources to fetch bib file, that would be perfect!

JabRef can extract XMP metadata from PDFs and when you drag & drop a file it can be renamed.

@i2000s At the moment this happens when you do a fulltext lookup, it queries several fetchers for the pdf file until one is found.

I just tried the method you mentioned, when I drag and drop the file, JabRef did generate a bib doc for the pdf based on XMP metadata, but it didn’t rename the original pdf file. Is there any option to rename the pdf file based on bibtex key? I didn’t find it on my own.

Regarding importing arXiv papers, I was just told that there is an “arXiv” type of entry so that the updated bibtex info can be fetched from arxiv.org if I give the arXiv number. Just tested it and worked out.


Renaming can be triggered via the cleanup menu under quality

@Siedlerchr That worked! Thank you so much!

This is being performed by Zotero and I believe it only uses the DOI link information to collect the paper data over the internet. The majority of papers have doi independent on where they are published.


it would be really important to have this feature


@yales DOI fetcer is already included in JabRef since a long time

If you have a doi code/url , you can just paste it on the maintable with ctrl+v and JabRef will automatically create an entry based on the DOi.

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