Publisher autocompletion without journal abbreviations

Following this unanswered question, I’d like to use the autocompletion feature for the publisher field without the abbreviations list to pop up.

Which version of JabRef are you using and what entry type? I do not encounter a drop-down menu.

I’m currently using 20240116-1 on Linux.

You probably don’t have autocompletion for publisher activated. At least I had to do it manually. Settings > Autocompletion > add publisher field.

Therefore, this applies to all entries.

Ok, I was able to reproduce. There are two requirements to reproduce:

It is currently not possible to have autocompletion without JOURNAL abbreviations. It is also currently not possible to have autocompletion without popups (I guess this is because of: think of what would happen, if your character or word could be completed with multiple abbreviations).

The way forward could be: Create your own list of publishers you want to have as autocompletion popup, comparatively similar to the list of journal abbreviations. You may have to make use of Strings - JabRef.
If you do so, you are very welcome to share the list with us and we might be able to host it on a JabRef related website or repository.

The problem with your suggestion, as I understand it, is that it won’t disable the jabref list. Even if I add a custom list, the abbreviations are just going to add up to that “default” list.

My way forward: locate and delete the jabref abbreviations list. I looked for it but couldn’t find the file.