Release of JabRef 3.5

We just released a new version of JabRef!

The new version 3.5 can be downloaded as of now from FossHub, the official JabRef download site.

JabRef 3.5 mainly concentrates on fixing some bugs. The most serious one was a broken installer for Mac OS X in version 3.4 which inhibited the correct start of JabRef.
Apart from that again some bugs in the grouping feature have been fixed.

But we also introduced some new features:

  • The import dialogs can now filter by file extension (e.g., displaying only *.bib files)
  • The discussion forum can be opened directly from the “Help” menu
  • If a crossref to another entry is set (using the BibTeX-key) clicking on the button “select” directly opens the referenced entry
  • Last but not least: As we are releasing more often than before, we introduced a “Check for updates” functionality. You’ll be informed if a new version of JabRef is available for download. This check is performed automatically on startup or can be triggered manually in the “Help” menu.

An overview on all new features and fixes can be found on GitHub.

For questions about the functioning or suggestions for improvements please use just created a posting here in the forum.
In case you have trouble, report bugs on GitHub.

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can’t install it, shows up an error - Error downloading the Java™ Runtime Environment.
Please check your internet connection and start setup again.

Thanks for your report. For us everything seems to be fine.

Can you please tell us which installer (filename) you are using?
I assume that you have internet access during installation?


I came up with the same problem, Error downloading the Java™ Runtime Environment.
Please check your internet connection and start setup again. I am trying to install Jabref macos 3.5.

Can you help me?

Are you using the Mac OS X Installer?
If yes there might be a similar problem as reported here: Error installing on mac

My problem is solved by manually updating java 8. Thank you so much!

Good to hear!

However, the installer should take care that a Java 8 installation is there - and install it if no installation is found. Are you a Mac user? Or is another installer affected by this problem, too?


Hi Matthias,

I’ve had the same problem on Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan). I downloaded and installed the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) latest version (8u102) from the Oracle website ( and I was then able to install JabRef.

Also, new OS X security settings (“Gatekeeper”) mean that we can’t run the installer simply by double clicking. We get the warning ““JabRef Installer” can’t be opened because it is from an unidentified developer.”. To override that we need to Ctrl+click instead and choose “open”, which gives the same warning but the possibility to override it.

PS: I’ve been using JabRef for about ten years (on Linux) and loving it, it’s a great piece of software!

Thanks Julien for your reply and your praises :blush:

We’ll try to fix the Java Installation issue with the upcoming 3.6 release. Unfortunately no one in our dev team is a Mac user which makes debugging Mac-specific problems rather hard.

We are also aware of the Gatekeeper issue and are currently in the progress of setting up the needed preliminaries to “sign” the upcoming releases - however, this will require some more time.

But we can use your information to create a new FAQ entry for installation on Macs.


Added to the Mac FAQ

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Thank you!

… awesome background color for the Mac FAQs :wink:

It has been there for a while and nobody ever complained…
(who is reading the FAQ?)

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