Removal of trailing spaces in v 5.0

I have noticed that JabRef 5.0 (as well as the daily build of 5.1) re-saves, and therefore reformats, all entries with trailing spaces within {}.

This looks like a reasonable and innocent change, but it actually makes one of our file corrupted: for some reason, some of my colleagues like to add '\ ’ after initials, so the files includes name entries like {Surname, A.\ B.\ }. Obviously, if one simply removes the trailing space there, the closing ‘}’ gets escaped and the parsing fails.

I am uncertain whether to report this as a bug, since having '\ ’ is probably not a standard/recommended thing to do - but on the other hand, JabRef should probably not corrupt files anyway?

By the way, what is the motivation behind this change in the first place, were the spaces causing any problems?

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