Restore display of database after editing groups


When looking through the list of groups I’ll (too often) find errors needing
correction. When I click on the group name the single (or multiple) entries
are the only ones displayed (unlike earlier versions when they were moved to
the top and highlighted differently from the rest of the list.)

After I’ve corrected the keywords how do I re-display the entire database
contents? I’m not seeing a menu item or button that allows me to do this.

What am I missing?


At the very top you have a group called “All entries” that should do what you want.


My apologies: I totally missed that.

Many thanks,


Note, that this again an issue that arises from having lost the floating mode in version 5.0, see here:

I am going a little bit through user comments and I have more and more the impression, that I am not the only one that needs the floating mode to return.