Save actions: escape percent?

Once in a while, an added reference has an abstract containing a percent character. And this drives biber crazy…

Is there a way to escape the percent character automatically, like using a save action?
Currently save actions can escape underscores and ampersands.

Another possibility? A workaround?


Perhaps the LaTeX cleanup action on the abstract, but it does quite a bit of other things as well. For context,

The LaTeX clean up does this, you should limit it to the abstract field then,

Thank you Christoph and K3 Kaw8 Pnf7mkmd Smp Hz27. I did not know it was hidden there!

Currently, the doc (Save actions - JabRef) only mentions “LaTeX cleanup: Cleans up LaTeX code”. Any pointer to the other cleaning operations carried out by the action LaTeX cleanup? (so that I can expend it?)

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It does cleanup some latex equations and replace some inline latex code (@@ with)
You can take a look at the comments in that file

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Thanks you for pointing me to this file!