Saving a library in biblatex and bibtex flavour at the same time

I have a got a library in biblatex style and I’d like to keep it that way as I’m normally using Latex+Biblatex.

I am also using bibtex4word, though. Afaik, this only supports bibtex and not biblatex, sadly I can’t find a way to change that.

Therefore I’d like to save my current library in Bibtex and Biblatex styles (2 copies!).

Currently, this requires manually changing the Library properties, doing a cleanup and “Save as”.

I’ve tried to automate this with Auto Hotkey but every so often this invokes a plethora of error messages in Jabref.

Is there currently a way to achieve what I want or could this be a future feature?

You could try to use the export as plain bibtex format. Alternatively, just create a copy of your bib file and open both, have one then in bibtex and one in biblatex.

Sure, but that’s exactly the manual task I am trying to avoid. Always having to keep 2 files current manually will lead to trouble further down the road…

Just to be clear: I get that Christoph’s suggestion will work. But it is not the feature I originally requested.

Many people will have to use bibtex, either for bibtex4word or as a Journal requirement.

At the same time, many people (like me) would like to use biblatex for their thesis or other documents they have more formatting control over.

So it would surely be convenient to always (automatically) have 2 up-to-date bib files in both styles without worrying that you forget to “save as” or “export”.

IMHO, this could be covered if Support of different type of BibTeX files · Issue #160 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub is implemented.

One could also write a file-watcher job. In case the .bib file is modified, trigger jabref-cli to import and export the file.

Yes. If I understand that issue correctly: In essence a combined “cleanup”+“save as”, ideally with pre-configurable cleanup presets.