UseCase: "export" single entries in multiple ways

Before JabRef I was using Zotero. There are some features I miss or can not find in JabRef.

  1. I want to add single entries to existing bib-files. Currently I do this with copy and paste the “biblatex-source” tab to the extern bib-file opened in a text-editor.

  2. Sometimes I want to create a complete literatur list entry and get the text to the clipboard. It means it the entry should be outputed (to the clipbard) formated like I would use it in a latex \bibliography. (Sorry for my english!) I use this from time to time to put bibliographic informations into mails (for persons who are not able to handle simple DOIs or bib-files).

  1. You can simply copy & paste entries between bib files open in JabRef. Select entry, Ctrl + C, switch to second bib file, Ctrl + V.
  2. Rightclick on entry, Copy… and then choose copy preview or export to clipboard.
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