Searching within years

Hallo, I have a question concerning searching in Jabref. Is it possible to search for papers in several years? For example if I need to list papers published within years 2005 - 2011. Thanks, Petr

Yes, it is possible. You have to use the regular expression search (a box to check on the search tool bar).
However, the syntax is not straightforward (it is coming from java regex).
For your case, year == 200[5-9]|201[0-1] should work.

  • 200[5-9] specifies years 2005 to 2009.
  • | means or
  • 201[0-1] specifies years 2010 to 2011.
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This has to be added into the documentation! I was looking for ways how can I do this, and all I’ve found was how to search for a given year. Many user will think at the year field as an integer, instead of a string, and even fewer would develop the idea, which has just been presented above.

@horror-vacui Feel free to add it to the documentation:
Just click on the “Edit at github” link and you can modify the help page