Convert date to year/month/day field

I was on the search for an Android application which can display BibTeX files (see also here:
It looks like the only working software right now is “Library” but it does not make use of the date field - instead it uses year, month and day.

Is it possible to instruct jabref to use these fields as well? I.e. is it possible to rewrite the fields from the date field to the separate fields?

You could use Cleanup > Convert to BibTex. But that also converts other fields (like journaltitle > journal).

Okay thanks for the hint. But i think a cleaner solution would be to patch library in order to be able to use biblatex files.

Biblatex should recognize the fields as alias. Or you can fill both fields. It doesn’t matter

Okay, so if they can be redundant, can you automatically fill the year field from the date field, without converting everything?