Separator with specified keywords selection for groups


I would like to create a group with “Specified keywords” selection using the year of my entry. For example, it could give :

by year

It is OK with the bibtex format since there is the year field. But, it has been replaced by the date field in biblatex format.

One way to achieve this would be to have the possibility to select only one index when there is a separator.

For example, for the date 1999-01-01, the separator is - and I would like to select only the first item 1999.



I think the filtering by Year should also work in biblatex because JabRef treats this as an alias field for the date field.


I don’t think that it can answer my needs.

I would like to use the date field with these values for example :


and create groups by year :


@Siedlerchr 's solution will group the entries by year automatically if you create groups for each year or range of interest. It does not take long to create them, even if your library spans many years.

You can collect entries into the group by keyword or by expression. I recommend the expression option, because this is a faster way to create all the year-groups you need.

Collect by keyword

  1. Create a group
  2. Collect by Searching for a keyword
  3. Field: date
  4. Add criteria to Keyword
  5. Select Regular expression if applicable

Collect by expression

  1. Create a group
  2. Collect by: Free search expression
  3. Add criteria to Search expression
  4. Select Regular expression if applicable
    Field: date

Example: specific year


Collects entries with date containing 1975. You would need to make a group like this for each year of interest. Copy the expression to your clipboard to paste into each new group, so you can modify only the last digit or two for most of the years.

Example: decade range (regular expression option)


Collects entries with a date between 1970 and 1979. Again, you would need to create groups for each range of interest (date=198\d, date=199\d, date=2000\d, and so on). You could nest subgroups of specific years under their respective decades.

I currently have a library containing bibtex and biblatex entries, some of which have a value for date, some for year, and a few for date and year. Searching in either one of these fields does not match data in the other, so in this scenario you need to convert all the entries to the same type or include the year and date fields in the filter.

Example: specific year in mixed bibtex/biblatex (regular expression option)

date=1975 or year=1975

Matches entries with a date or year containing 1975.

Creating the year-groups manually might be inconvenient, but compared to a manually adding entries to the group, it does have the advantage of staying up to date as the library grows. Also, if you have a recurring need to create groups for every year from 1950 to the present, you could do the task once in an empty library to use as a template. Copy the template library and important new entries each time you start a new library that you want to group by year.

Edit: corrected description of the last example.

I checked the code and there is no handling of alias fields right now.
I tried around that, and now I can get both the year field and the biblatex year field:

However, explicit grouping for year only would require additional handling, but I could create an enhancement out of it.


The current search functionality matches the explicit terms that I provide, just like I expect. It would make sense, on the other hand, for a feature that groups articles by year to identify the years and group the articles, regardless of how the year was identified.