Link file formation by type

Hi everyone,

I am using the “Linked file convention” to automatically rename and organise my pdf files. So, for journal types I am using the [journal] directory pattern which work perfectly. However, when I have a working paper, a book or a technical report since the [journal] field is empty all pdfs are gathered in the parent directory

I was wondering if there is a way for jabref to automatically use different folder conventions depending on the type (journal, book, working paper) of the reference.

for example it could be
for journals, [journal]: Journal of Statistics\paper1.pdf
for books, [publisher]: Springer\book1.pdf
for working paper could be even group, Statistics\wp1.pdf

or something like that.

Thank you in advance.


You could only define a global pattern based on “entrytype”, groups or maybe specify a fallback pattern, for example:
[journal:(unknown)] will use journal or the value “unknown”.
But I am not sure if you can chain the modifiers…