Sort order for export

I’m using export filters for exporting my library to several formats (html, rtf,…). Till Jabref 4.x I could sort my library by year descending order and exported data was sorted in this way. Since Jabref 5.x the sort order is not applied and stadard ascending order of the year is applied. Is this a bug?

In Options → Preferences, Tab File, you can set the Export sort order.
(a similar option is available in Library → Library properties too. This option should overwrite the order set in the general preferences).

Note: I am not sure if it affects the way the file is saved or the way the file is exported (or both). Your feedback is welcome.

Sorry, this setting (“Export in current table sort order”) doesn’t affect the export sort order (or not anymore). I am using this setting in general preferences as well as library properties. I think this only affects the way the bib file is saved, but not the custom exports.

Thank you @2bein for clarifying that the items alter the save order and not export order.
I have open an issue to clarify this point (UI: "Export order" --> "Save order" · Issue #7517 · JabRef/jabref · GitHub)

Maybe you could open an issue to have the capability to change the export order re-instated.

@2bein The sort order is applied to the Custom exports as well.
Di you restart JabRef after changing the preferences?

Edit// I think you might hit a bug

Thanks for the good support here… I hope this bug is cleared soon. However, I commented in Issue #7517 that it would be better to have “save sort sorder” and “export sort order” as separated options. “Save sort order” should stay fix e.g. when you use file versioning like SVN for the library.

@2bein Good news, we found and fixed the bug where the sort order was not respected, and we are about to rename the settings to clarify what is export and save.