SQL database shared PDF


I am using JabRef 4.2 and I want to use the SQL database shared option with my team. I understand that the .bib is shared in the SQL database, but does the attached PDF are also shared with the database or this is only for the .bib ? Is there a way to store the PDF in the database, and if needed to download them locally from the SQL database, or we need to have a separate way to synchronize the PDF with JabRef.

I did find nothing on it in the documentation about the PDF or attached files handling in the SQL database.

Thank you for your help,


JabRef is only able to synchronize the bib file contents with the SQL file. Stored files are not supported.
If you want to synchronize the pdfs, you would need to have an option like Nextcloud, Dropbox, Google Drive etc and simply point the file directory to the shared one.


Perfect. Thank you for your quick answer.