Stop creating .sav file

Hi all,

I cannot find the option to prevent JabRef from creating the .sav buffer file when it is open. Or at least, to be able to move it to /tmp directory.
I always work with version control software and the last time I came to the PC and pull-ed my last version of the bibliography, I made the mistake of hitting ‘Yes’ when you are prompted whether you want to recover the last copy of your file, smashing my new freshly acquired db from the repository.
No problem if you realize on time about the mistake, only need to reset the working copy to the last commit and take only a couple of minutes to recover from the stupid mistake. But if you realize after some hours of work or you just don’t, the story is well different.

Is there such an option to avoid this painful side effect of .sav file always getting stuck there?
Note that I realize that closing the program before the os may solve it, but I am really forgetful about the tens of programs that remain open when I finish.

Edit: using JabRef 3.8.2