Suggestion on coming up with a public thread of "Welcome! Please introduce yourself to the community"

From my experience have spent interacting with our community, I realized We may need to come up with a thread where new members joining the community [OR even existing members] introduce themselves so that we know each other. In this post here made me think about this idea after receiving a reply from @koppor. If the idea is considerable, then the thread need to be public so that every new member joining will be able to introduce him/herself to the community, this is a greater way of knowing each other in the community.
cc: @Siedlerchr, @tobiasdiez @koppor


I’ll start one the next days


Thanks @koppor for the response and have seen the thread on the talk and introduced myself already.
I have some three suggestions over the thread.

  1. Since we may have some members joining the community but are not coding oriented, we can use another category rather than Coding Corner. We may categorize the post under Community and give it a tag of Intro. This may imply adding a new category called Community under all category. This category can be used for: “Helping new people learn the work of the JabRef community, and connecting current participants with new opportunities that they can get involved in. Mentoring community members with general efforts to make our community more accessible and enjoyable for everyone involved!”

  2. “This topic is intended for getting to know each other. Anyone is invited to write a short introduction about hirself and hir interests in joining JabRef development.”
    What is your opinion if you began with welcoming the member straight away since you are one of the community admins. For example we can use “Welcome to JabRef community! Write a short introduction here about yourself and your interests. Lets know each other!”

  3. " Contributor Introduction" basing on the reason have mentioned in my first suggestion, what is your opinion if we use the title “Welcome! Please introduce yourself to the community” as an alternative to the existing title "Contributor introduction"

    cc: @Siedlerchr, @tobiasdiez