Quick Start Guide for former mailing list users

Thanks for visiting our new JabRef forum!

This Quick Start Guide explains how a forum account can be configured and used in different flavors from a pure web-based usage to a mail-only usage as in a simple mailing list.

We’ll cover the following topics here:

  • Creation of an account
  • Configuring mail notifications
  • Replying via mail
  • Creating new topics via mail

Creating a new account

Reading posts in the forum is possible without registration. However, to post replies and to get notifications a registration is needed.
To create an account just hit the “Sign up” button at the top:

In the newly opened dialog you can either register based on existing accounts (e.g., GitHub, Google, …) or you can use the classic way: Just enter your mail address, choose a username and set a password.
After creation of the account you’ll have to verify the mail adress by opening a link in a mail sent to your mail address.

Configuring mail notifications

Per default you’ll only get notifications if you got replies to a post you created or some mentions you (by @your_username).
However you can configure mail notification in a very fine granular way.

To access the settings click on your avatar image and select the gear icon:

Relevant settings can be found in the groups: Email, Activity Summary and Mailing List Mode:

Email settings

Per default you’ll receive mail notifications for every thread you are participating, if you are mentioned or someone has sent you a message. To disable this mail notification uncheck the correspondig checkboxes here.

Activity Summary

Mailing list mode

Especially interesting for former mailing list users might be the “enable mailing list mode” setting. After activation of this option you’ll receive a mail for a) each new post in any category or b) receive a daily message containing information on all new posts depending on your selection.

To exclude topics or whole categories from the mail notification you can mute threads or categories as described in the next section:

Watching, Tracking and Muting a category or topic

For each category or single thread it is possible to configure the notifications.
To do this you have to click on the circle icon of the category:

Or on the same icon in a thread:

If you are using the mailing list mode, you can exclude single categories or threads by selecting the “muted” option. If you are not using the mailing list mode, you can explicitly subscribe to single categories or threads by selecting the “watching” or “tracking” options.

Replying via mail

If you have received a notification via mail you can simply reply to the topic by replying to the notification mail. Your answer will automatically posted in your name here in the forum.

Creating new topics via mail

Similar to a classic mailing list it is even possible to create a new “topic” in a category by mail without visiting the web forum.
Just send a mail from your registered Email address to the following adresses:

If you have any questions or problems regarding the notification configuration just answer to this post!

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