Syncing JabRef and CiteDrive

Considering that both CiteDrive and JabRef are based on BibTeX and have unique features, what would it be like to create a system that synchronises references between a local Bibtex file and CiteDrive, allowing for “push” and “pull” dynamics?

I understand that this seems ambitious given the competing technical landscape, but I see it as a potential win-win collaboration. CiteDrive is great for teamwork and integration with Overleaf, while JabRef excels at reference management.

This would be a Zotero/Mendeley/Endnote/citavi… Killer for all LaTeX users. :upside_down_face:

Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much to bring it on the table. To tackle this: Two things need to be worked on: organizational issues and technical issues. Currently, it is, unfortunately, more an organizational issue. The JabRef maintainers are focussing on getting bugs solved - and code contributors supported. We have about 2 new contributors each month, who need to be taken care of. Especially, because we position JabRef as teaching possibility. See JabRef and Software Engineering Training | Developer Documentation for details.

Technically, we are still working on modernizing JabRef’s code to be ready for such an integration. Before, we had to fix an issue on the Java Development Kit (being around for 3 years now -

Be assured, we will work on this, but progress is slow.

In case you want to support the work, you can consider contributing to JabRef. We have a plethora of possibilities listed at For instance, you can work on creating documentation pages. See Help pages: missing/to be improved · Issue #309 · JabRef/user-documentation · GitHub for a list.

Let me now if you have any furhter questions,


Dear Oliver,

Thank you very much for the quick answer! Do I understand you correctly that there are already concrete plans to allow one to connect one’s local JabRef (bibtex file) with CiteDrive? Do you know approximately when this should be released?

As for contributions, my programming skills don’t extend beyond LaTeX, R, and XML - I am in the humanities, who just happens to love LaTeX. :grin: However, I can see how I might contribute differently, perhaps even with a donation if necessary, as the JabRef project is really great!


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Yes, there are!

I think you know that quote: When it’s done :rofl::rofl:. - Maybe this year, maybe next year.

TBH, I am the critical factor here - and the neext weeks, I have other things needing my prio 1 focus.

This is cool! May I ask whether you considered joining the “TeX Users Group” TUG (

We do have three options for that:

  • Donate some money: - it will be used to fund the non-profit organization itself
  • Become a member of our organization (12€/year) - we are still working on a homepage to detail the procedre. Summary: An informal email to us that you want to join and a regular money transfer to the organization’s bank account.
  • Sponsor me personally :innocent:



Hey Oliver,

Thanks for clarifying. I am looking forward to this feature, and I’ll see what I can do to support, even if it’s some equity.