Trouble in JabRef installation

When I use the .exe file to install JabRef 4.3.1, the error “couldn’t load main class” occurs at the very beginning and I just cannot start the installation.
How could I fix this? My java version is 1.8.0_211, and the error message in the log is as follows.

[0:849] ERROR: did not find com/install4j/runtime/installer/platform/win32/Common
[0:851] ERROR: did not find WinDel class
[0:852] main class: com/install4j/runtime/launcher/WinLauncher
[0:854] ERROR: could not find main class

Thanks a lot!


this might a probkem with our OS. Do you have 32bit or 64bit?
You could try to use the platform independenten jar and run it like java -jar JabRef.jar from the command line


Thanks for your reply! I have been enjoying JabRef for a few days after using the platform indepentent jar file.