Install fails due to Java RTE failure

JabRef win 4.3.1 installer does not like my Java jre-8u201-windows-i586.exe run time environment, despite stating it is looking for 8.1

Error Message: No JVM could be found on your system.
Please define EXE4J_JAVA_HOME to point to an installed 32-bit JDK or JRE or download a JRE from

I have the full install log file if that would help. Following is the tail end of the log file where it tries to load the JRE and fails.

[18:985] LoadDLL (1, C:!d\to_file\JavaRuntimeEnvironment

8.1\jre-8u201-windows-i586.exe, 1)
[18:985] Got JRE location C:!d\to_file\JavaRuntimeEnvironment

8.1\jre-8u201-windows-i586.exe (java exe: 1)
[18:985] MinVersion: 1.8, MaxVersion: 1.8
[18:985] checkJavaExe (C:!d\to_file\JavaRuntimeEnvironment

8.1\jre-8u201-windows-i586.exe, [out], 2, 2, 1)
[18:985] file exists
[18:985] tempPath is C:\DOCUME~1\owner\LOCALS~1\Temp
[18:985] tempFile is C:\DOCUME~1\owner\LOCALS~1\Temp\e4j1E15.tmp
[20:281] Exit Code 1
[20:281] couldn’t get version
[20:281] checkJavaExe returning 0
[20:281] ERROR: Provided JVM unusable

This is the only JRE version 1.8 I have found that will work with my system:
XP Pro ver. 5.1 build 2600 SP3
Gigabyte GA-880GMA-UD2H (rev.2.2) motherboard
AMD phenom II X4 965, Socket AM3 3.4GHz, 4x 512KB L2, 6MB L3, 64 bit support)


did you download the 32bit version of JabRef?

An alternative would be to download the platform independent jar-Version, if the installer fails.
you can then run the jar from commandline e.g. java -jar JabRef.jar

Note that Windows XP is not longer a supported Operating System for newer Java 8 versions, so it might that some parts of JabRef won’t work correctly.



I did download the 32 bit version, and the error message is asking for a 32bit Java version.

I will try several other Java versions and see if one of them will work.



try the platform Independent jar running via commandline

Did you succeed to install the app