Trouble in JabRef web search

I am using JabRef (JabRef 4.1,Windows 7 6.1 amd64, Java 1.8.0_144) for past few months only. However, for past 1 week, I am unable to fetch data from IEEEXplore using web search, and I am not able to fix it. Please guide. Attached: Error generated. (Internet is working absolutely fine, i checked.)


IEEE changed their APIs last week, which broke the JabRef fetcher. We are currently working on a fix, which should be released as part of 4.2.

OK. Thanks a lot.
Waiting for it.

It should be fixed now in the latest development version.

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The online search and fetch not working for IEEEXplore and google scholar. Kindly suggest how to fix this! (Internet is connected). The version is: JabRef 4.1 Windows 7 6.1 amd64 Java 1.8.0_144. It can’t even check for updates. The following errors are encountered.2 fetch


today there seems to be some maintentance work so I can’t test it, but generally please try again with the newest development version.

Thanks for your reply!
However, even after installing the latest version, I am not getting search results. The screen keeps searching (I waiting for 10 minutes!). Please guide!


this loosk odd. Please open an issue at our github issue tracker so we can track this