Uncaught exception when saving a new Name formatter


When I try to save the preferences after adding a new Formatter name I get “Uncaught exception occurred in Thread[JavaFX Application Thread,5,main]” and the formatter is never saved.

I use JabRef 5.7 on Windows 10

Any clue?



Thanks for sharing. I can also reproduce the exception in the most recent development version. To better track the issue, I’ve opened an issue in the GitHub repository.

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Thanks to @HoussemNasri and @0x002A the issue is now resolved in the latest development version

Should be ready in roughly 30 minutes.
Remember to make a backup before trying out the new version.

I was expecting my custom Name Formatter to appear as a valid author formatter when “Enabling field formatters” in the “Cleanup entries” dialog box.

@pedroracine Can you show us the name formatter you used?

So in the “Name formatter” preference tab, I defined a new formatter called “CEFNames” and defined as “@@{ll}, {f.}”. It does not show up in the list of formatters for the “Author” field in the “Cleanup entries” dialog box.

Sorry, this is not possible. The Name formatters are intended for the Custom Exporters:
See the docs: Custom export filters - JabRef