Using comma in citationkey

I can’t figure out how to have a comma between the author and the publishing year.

I have my citationkey set up like this and I cant figure out for the god of me how to get it to show up in latex.

Thank you for your help in advance

I don’t know the exact code, but I assume that a comma is a special character. It is used to denote the end of citation-keys. This means, if you were to insert a comma in between author and date, JabRef would think your citationkey is only the author, hence JabRef prohibits you from entering a comma as part of your citationkey.

See here:


Workaround: You could use other characters instead of comma. E.g. _

Additionally, I would suggest to come up with very complex citation-keys (JabRef can copy/paste them anyway, so you don’t have to write them by hand), which minimizes the chances of running into duplicate keys at one point. People having the same name unfortunately happens from time to time.

Here my key pattern:

I am thinking of adding the DOI to it at one point.