UTF-8 encoding in RDF file

Hi, I am having problem establishing RDF files containing eastern characters using the File → Export to BibO RDF function. These characters are displayed correctly in exported xml files but not in the RDF files. How can I specify UTF-8 encoding when exporting RDF files?


can you please give an example what you mean with RDF files? The exporter produces RDF files. An RDF File is just a xml file.
JabRef just encodes the characters in an XML compatible way.

Hi Christoph,

Thanks for looking into the problem. I am trying to see if it’s possible to use the bibo RDF exported by JebRef for GraphDB analysis of Taiwanese and Japanese authors. Having the authors’ names correctly encoded is important for me.

There is also another issue. It seems that when there are multiple authors and the authors’ names are not typical first name + last name format, such as in my case, the foaf considers them as one person and assigns the last author’s name as the last name and the rest into one long first name. I don’t know if this sounds reasonable to you, but since most eastern names are just concatenations of 2 to 4 characters and the family name could be 1 or 2 characters long, It would be better if foaf can just distinguish each author’s name as a full name when the first name and last name are difficult to determine.

I know the RDF file exported by JebRef is mainly for sharing reference library between platforms and not for semantic research. I really appreciate your efforts efforts on these issues. Thanks!

Jonathan Tseng

Christoph via Forum - JabRef <jabref@discoursemail.com> 於 2021年8月11日 週三 上午12:43寫道:


thanks for the clarification!
Regarding the encoding:
You can copy the existing bibordf layout files jabref/bibordf.article.layout at main · JabRef/jabref · GitHub
And then add them to a new folder somewhere on your system and add it as a new Custom exporter
and remove the format XMLChars from the \format[XMLChars,CreateBibORDFAuthors]{\author}

I took a look at the CreateBibORDFAuthors and it simply searches for " and " in the author field to identify if it’s one author or multiple authors. No magic involved.
So you would need to separate multiple authors by " and "

For more info see Custom export filters - JabRef