We are close to a new release - Latest chances for regression testing is now

Hello dear all,

JabRef has come a long way again. Version 5.6 is just around the corner and is estimated to be published in the coming weeks. Anybody who is affected by changes, fixes, enhancements and new features, which can be found in the current pre-release changelog for JabRef 5.6, has the opportunity to test for regressions in the development build. Testing for regressions can be done always and anytime, but now is an especially good time for this, because it is still possible to remove and revert any changes that severely break JabRef from the coming release. This may sound overly pessimistic. Don’t worry! Overall, I am of the opinion, JabRef is becoming better and better, and the release will be great. There are some really nice enhancements and fixes in this release!

You can be a part of making JabRef exceptional and especially stable: Just download the development build, do some testing and if you can reliably reproduce an issue, report it on GitHub. Have fun :slight_smile:

P.s.: Short introduction to regressions

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