What does "Citation key deviates from generated key" mean?

When I opened an existing .bib (for biblatex) file in JabRef and executed the Qualtiy > Check Integrity menu item, the resulting pop-up window listed many entrie with Message: "Citation key deviates from generated key.

What does that mean, exactly?

Is it just that JabRef is automatically generating new citation keys, despite my already having such keys in the .bib file? If so, is there some way to disable that action?


JabRef has the option to define a citation key pattern for (automatic) key generation, e.g author +Year which would result in a key for example like Eisenberg2023 .
The integrity check now tells you that you have a citation in your bib file with a key for example abdcdfef that does not correspond to the currently defined pattern.

You can freely customize the pattern or simply ignore it.